My 2012

2012, again…life is at its best.

I had to admit that 2011 was one of the best years of my life. Apparently, 2012 is not less interesting.

As a mother, faced with two little man who are incredibly growing faster and faster, actually becomes an exceptional experience. Can’t thank God enough for this.

In personal life, a giant step has been taken. Let’s highlight the beginning of 2012 for “Bunda of Arabia.” The process has taught me about faith. The faith that took me farther. I wrote for some national media starting on June. 7 articles have been published during these last 7 months. Thanks, Femina – Republika – Kartini.

As a wife, a great moment has been reached when the husband finally said, “can’t believe you can cook now.” Mom is right as she always says, “It’s just about a matter of habit.” Proudly pronounce that cooking is no longer a specter for me.

As a friend, 2012 has brought me lots of new friends. Some turn into close friends. The coming soon drama was all about leaving them soon :'(. I’m not good in maintaining such this thing. But a promise has been made. Distance won’t beat us, ladies. Friendship lasts forever. I hope you all share the same feeling with me.

As a moslem, 2012 is truly unbelievable. I performed my first umrah at Ramadhan in August. Completed the ritual-hajj with my husband at the end of October. Fabiayyi’ ala irabbikuma tukadzibaan.

As a family, we are facing a big change. Super excited yet very sad. It’s hard to tell but yes, both my husband and I really love Jeddah. It took us a very long discussion to finally accept the offer. It’s surely not an easy one. But decision has been made. Wish us nothing but the best :).

Seems like my every wish and every dream somehow became reality in this year. Thank You, Allah.

Happy new year, everyone! Bring it on, 2013!

my angels jeddah

-Jeddah, 1st January 2013-

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  1. Assalamualikum mbak Jihan 🙂
    Saya dari penerbit Edelweiss ingin menghubungi mbak jihan, kemana ya agar bisa menghubungi mbak 🙂 terima kasih

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